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One-shot Fanfic
Give me the guidelines of what you want going on in the story and I will write up a fanfic for the fandom of your choice!

The price is for a one shot, but I'll do longer serializations if you'd like (one commission per chapter essentially).
Sketchy Drawing
Ambivalently by jadestarwolf
Luster by jadestarwolf
Don't look, don't speak by jadestarwolf
A drawing of your choice, just the lines. Possible basic coloring if I'm inspired, no background.
Deluxe Drawing
Dark Days by jadestarwolf
Moonspirit Fanart by jadestarwolf
For Narin by jadestarwolf
More care is put into the lines and full coloring, shading, and shadowing is followed. Background included.


Don't look, don't speak by jadestarwolf
Don't look, don't speak
Hiding in plain sight.

I drew this in my first class of driver training class since everyone was staring at me, being the only 26 year old and all. I tend to retain new infomation better when I'm drawing for some reason.
New Character? Assassin by jadestarwolf
New Character? Assassin
I drew this guy while I was in driver's training class xD

I intended for him to be a reiteration of Kitomi, but I've been toying with the idea of making a new roleplaying character who was a chef whose resteraunt burned down (not his fault) and saved the owner's daughter from the chaos. Owner died, so he has to escort DiD (Damsel in Distress) to safety in hopes she will allow him to buy the deed from her so he can rebuild the restaurant and have an occupation. In the meantime - he uses his strength and endurance built up from years of hefting everything around (have you actually been in a restaurant? Those guys have some serious chops for real,) and the heat and pressure to act as somewhat of a fighter/ranger/assassin type.

Yeah, I was daydreaming about this concept while I was dishwashing last night xD

Don't worry, eventually I'll line this and do a proper posting of it. Maybe even a colored version if I can figure out if he's dude 1 (Kitomi), or dude 2 (Chef). If you have an opinion or idea, please let me know, I'm terribly bad at being decisive.
Chapter 4 - Festivals and Forests

    Just how the hell had you gotten yourself into this mess again? Oh right, you were repaying medical bills. Still, as the many impatient customers began crowding around the takoyaki stand you were supposed to be manning, you found yourself in a slight panic. 'You'll be a natural' he said. Natural my foot. Sure the batter was pre-mixed and all you really had to do was put the batter and a piece of diced octopus in the pan and turn it, but turning it was easier said than done. Somehow, most of your takoyaki were either burnt on one side or not quite done and dropped off the skewer.

    The crowd started to seem more like an angry mob as your clumsy efforts to provide food took longer than they expected. Many kids left only to come back with their parents who started harassing you for wasting their time. Apologizing while still trying to make proper food slowed the process even further. On the verge of crying, you found yourself being gently guided out of the way as a new face began cooking the takoyaki in a completely professional way. With tears of gratitude in your eyes, you quietly thanked the red haired man who seemed intent on teaching you more than taking over. It took him mere moments to serve the awaiting people, leaving a small break in the madness.

    "You were doing fine, you just hadn't gotten the hang of timing 'em yet." His enthusiastic tone erupted from his boastful smirk. The man seemed a little older than you but you couldn't really guess by how much. You also noticed that he was wearing what seemed to be a waiter's outfit. "Here, try it again. Now that you don't have all that pressure, I'm sure you'll be fine."

    Great, someone else with confidence in your abilities. Of course he had just saved your bacon. (Is it me or are guys suddenly appearing like fairies to solve all your problems these days?) So you gave another shot to the accursed takoyaki, using the edge of the batter ball to determine when you should flip them. You still slightly struggled with that part, but it was going a lot better and suddenly you had a set of mostly acceptable takoyaki that you had made yourself. Or they would be had you remembered to put the octopus in them.

    A deep sigh erupted from your lips as the man couldn't help but laugh. "See you're doing better already. Don't give up!"

    It was at this moment that another man with similar attire appeared, his hair a deep blue covering half his face. "Chili, what in the heck are you doing? You were supposed to be back at our festival a half hour ago!"

    "Oh hey Cress I was just helping... what was your name again?" It appeared that it was then that the man, Chili, realized he didn't know who you were.

    Before you could reply, his companion grabbed him by the arm and dragged him off, muttering something about never trusting hotheads. Shrugging it off as people were beginning to return to your booth again, you focused your efforts and successfully supplied takoyaki. Proud of your accomplishment, you couldn't wait to show of to Cheren, or N. That was you wanted to do, but as time wore on it didn't seem they would check up on you or anything. Slightly pouting, you thought it was rather reckless to leave a newbie to their own devices for so long. At long last, the customers stopped coming and everyone seemed to be gathering around the arena.

    Curious and more than a little bored, you headed over there yourself. Looking through the masses of people, you spotted others with happi on and swam your way towards them. One of the others noticed your struggle and convinced some of the bystanders to let you through. Nodding in gratitude, you looked at your fellow festival workers. Most seemed like older students mixed with a few notable community members, Nurse Joy among them. You asked the boy who had helped you, "What's up with the mob? Are we doing a dance or something?"

    He shook his head. "Close but not quite, it's fireworks."

    Ah, so that would explain the small barrier near the edge of the arena with a few people and pokemon gathered within. They seemed very animated with their preparations but as fun as fireworks were, you really didn't care. You saw some every year and sure they were pretty, but there wasn't anything more to them and you were tired from having stood all day. Deciding that if you were gonna be here, you were at least going to find somewhere to sit you waved at the boy and went back into the sea of people much to the boy's confusion.

    Your emergence from the mass was quite a feat, though the effort rumpled your clothes and hair. Looking around, there was an area for eating but it seemed a little too close to the throng of people and you were feeling a little anti-social after all for forced chitchat you'd had to withstand when you were working. Deciding that since you weren't working anymore, it should be fine to leave the area, you made a beeline to the exit. Nearly there, your sleeve was suddenly tugged, startling you into jumping back - straight into a small display.

    "Ah, I'm sorry I didn't think you would jump like that!" The familiar voice of N softly cascaded into your ears.

    Picking up the now scattered figurines of what appeared to be vulpix, eevee, zorua, and their evolutions you quickly began placing them randomly back on the stand trying your best not to look at N as your face flushed in embarrassment. "I-I just wasn't paying attention. Sorry, it's my fault really."

    N shook his head, but rather than argue with you, he just bent down to help you return to the stand to it's previous glory.

    After a small time with the two of you diligently working, you couldn't help but ask, "W-what was it that you wanted anyway?"

    You had the feeling that he was looking at you. "Cheren sent me to let you know that you could go if you wanted. Would you like a ride home?"

    So, you had been right about the festival ending after the fireworks, and N even was going to take you home! Quickly you nodded agreement, still avoiding eye contact. A thought struck, "Didn't you want to stay around for the fireworks?"

    N merely chuckled. "We'll be able to see the fireworks wherever we are, I mean they do appear in the sky."

    "Oh... right."

    The two of you finally finished replacing everything to a semblance of order and started to walk to the exit together when suddenly N leaned towards you and asked you in a excited whisper. "Actually, do you want to see a secret before I take you home?"

    Finally looking up at him you can see his eyes sparkling mischieviously like a little kid trying to keep a big surprise. Your heart skipped a beat suddenly and your face heated. How could someone be so adorable and sexy at the same time? Opening your mouth to reply, only a small awkward squeal where a 'yes' should have been escaped. Once again you hid your eyes and nodded a little too enthusiastically.

    "Great! Let's go!" N either was being kind and not acknowledging your squawk or he missed it in his excitement to show off his 'secret'. Either way, he grabbed your hand and began dashing out of the area before he stopped and let loose a loud whistle. Crashing into his back, you let out a little 'meep' and rubbed your nose. This was either going to be great, or it was going to end in disaster if he didn't calm down a little. Wondering what you could do, you felt your head get poked as N was trying to get your attention again. Looking up, you noticed he was gesturing for you to hop on the back of an arcanine. Approaching the dog, you offered your hand for it to sniff before hopping on it's sizeable back. N hopped up behind you, giving the fire-type a pat on the side before directing it to go to 'the secret spot'.

    Though he had chosen to ride there it wasn't very far or at least it didn't take you very long to get there. You entered the forest surrounding Aspertia City and though you tried to keep track of the twists and turns as you entered deeper into the tangled maze of trees you couldn't quite concentrate. N's chest had a habit of bumping into your back as the dog's powerful legs strode unevenly into the night. It was very difficult to think in such a case, and even more so when he wrapped his arms around you as the ground sloped upward. Thankful for the darkness that covered your tomato-like face all you could do was patiently wait for your arrival to this 'secret', well that and lean into N's strong but lithe chest.

        "We're here!"

        The moment ended all too quickly once you had gotten comfortable, as the two of you drew near a well lit area that seemed to be at the top of the incline you had been traveling on. The trickle of a nearby spring caught your attention before you realized the nature of the lights. It was a gathering of illumise and volbeat, flying and twinkling in their geometric patterns above a spring-fed pond. Arcanine stopped just beyond the pond's clearing, allowing the two of you to dismount before sniffing around.

    "Well... what do you think?" N's quiet voice sounded a hint anxious.

    "It's... simply amazing!" The wonder in your voice made N smile.

    He once again took your hand, this time leading you to sit on a nearby downed log. As you sat, you could tell that it had been sat on many times as there was a thin cusion covering a well worn flattened area on the log. You were loath to let go of his hand as he sat with you. This was the first time a guy had ever deemed you worthy to go somewhere special to them, and here you were with the amazingly kind and handsome N. Quickly, you tried to think of something to distract him from letting go.

    "So, when did you find this spot? It's pretty out of the way to have just stumbled upon."

    "It was a long time ago, well to be honest it just feels like a long time ago. I really don't know for sure." He softly chuckled. "I was actually trying to find a little pidove that had gotten separated from it's parents when I found this spot. It was just before dusk so the illumise had only barely began their dance. I asked them for help and we were able to find the little guy. It was then that I realized how peaceful this place is. It's so close to town but somehow it has remain undisturbed. I hope you can keep this place a secret as well." He trailed off a little, his eyes suddenly gaining a tinge of seriousness. "I honestly don't know what made me think to bring you here."

    You weren't sure whether that was a good sign or not, but you had managed to keep his hands gently wrapped around your own. A few moments of somewhat awkward silence drifted on as his final sentence started to hang heavy on your mind. Does that mean he regrets bringing me here? I hope I haven't made him uneasy.

Just as quickly, the sky lit up as the fireworks exploded sending the bug-types flurrying about as they tried to incorporate the drifting lights into their patterns. Your breath caught in your throat as you watched the beautiful patterns and colors as lights and pokemon weaved a story together. As you let out the breath, you glanced to N to see his reaction to the dizzying display and caught him staring at you. Blinking as your mind halted, you opened your mouth only to find N look away as he stood. His hand remained around yours which he gently tugged.

    "We should probably get you home now. I don't want your parents worrying, it is pretty late now."

    His tone was kind but you felt like he was holding something back. Unsure if you should push your luck, you simply nodded and allowed him to escort you back to the awaiting arcanine who had been chewing something. As you mounted, you hoped that the ride back would take a little longer, you weren't ready to have your private moment with N end so quickly. As you thought that, you realized that the moment you leave the clearing it's over one way or the other. Quickly, you hop back off the pokemon's back.

    "Is something wrong?"

    "M-maybe. I'm not sure. Can you help me figure it out?" Your words stumble hastily out of your mouth as you try to think of anything to lengthen your stay. As your mind races, you realize that it's very important to you to be with him, and the fact that his opinion of you means a great deal to you. Your heart picks up it's pace as you grasp at ideas.

    "My parents don't really seem to care if I'm home or not. They weren't even worried about me being in the hospital after all..." Mentally you facepalmed. You had been aiming for something he would like to talk about, not a pity party. If he talked to you now it would be for all the wrong reasons.

    N's expression shifted to something unreadable as he returned to your side. "Do you not wish to go home?"

    Feeling guilty, but still not wanting to leave N's side you merely nod. "I can call them and let them know, but like I said..." 

    He lets out a small sigh. "I do have a tent here for times I don't feel like leaving, here let me set it up. Arcanine, could you please find some branches, I'm sure we'll want a fire. (name) could you arrange rocks into a fire pit?" N ducks out of sight behind a large tree before you can give your answer.

    Now you feel really bad about the situation. How did something start out so well and end up like this? Oh right, your big mouth. You begin constructing a fire pit as you dial up your house. The number rings for a while, but by the time you finish a nicely crafted pit and line it with stones, the answering machine has already gone off. Instead of leaving a message, you redial. Your entire project is now finished and no one has picked up. Frustrated, you tell the machine that you're at a friend's place for the night and you'll be back tomorrow before you hang up. Maybe there is reason to worry about their lack of concern. It wasn't likely that they would be out looking for you as they hadn't called you and you couldn't come up with any other idea as to why they wouldn't have answered.

    You grumbled and toyed with a smooth stone as N approached carrying an armful of branches as arcanine followed suit (but with it's mouth). He opened his mouth but thought better of it and began arranging the branches. Moments later he murmured, "Good firepit," before having arcanine use ember to set it ablaze. You were glad for that compliment, but it wasn't quite enough to lift you out of your new-found despair you were wallowing in. N left again and you stared at the dancing flames as they flickered in the darkness. Allowing your mind to let go and lose yourself in the peaceful night you began to feel a little better. You got to stay the night with N, your parents had no right to be mad at you, and your first day of medical repayment was behind you. You should feel like today is a success.

    As you contemplated your blessings a fluffy warmth wrapped around you, and looking up you noticed N wrapping a plush fuzzy blanket around your shoulders. You were able to smile at N in thanks as you wrapped it tighter eliciting a chuckle from your friend. He sat behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist much to your surprise. Placing his chin over your shoulder he softly said, "You looked a little cold, but from the way you're acting you'd think you were sitting on an ice block."

    You were sure N could hear your heart as it pounded loudly in your ears, your breath quickening as you felt his breath brush over your cheek. "Well excuse me for being sensitive." You meant that to sound sarcastic, but it came out more pouty than anything. He chuckled again and you could feel it in your spine. How could he not hear your heartbeat? It certainly should be able to be heard by all of Aspertia City by now!

    "Would you mind if I tried something?"

    Unable to think or speak once again, you shook your head. You could feel his face shift into a smirk as he gently placed his fingers on your chin, steering you in his direction. His eyes once again had a mischievous glint in them, but there was something else, the only way you could describe it was the word caution. Like he was crossing all his own boundaries to let you this close, and he was denying his natural precautions for some reason. He was pushing himself, but why? All thoughts ceased as your lips met. Lip barely met lip, but you felt a shuddering sigh escape his lips as they began to meld together gently. He still was holding back, but your own passion surprised you as you began leaning into him, pressing yourself close as you deepened the kiss.

    Long blissful moments passed, your need to be closer to him caused you to gently lick at his lips which seemed to end the spell as he jerked his head back, face flushed and staring at you in wonder. You wanted to reunite already, but instinct told you to wait. Instead, you softly brushed your hand across his, his eyes softening towards you as he intertwined your fingers in his.

    "Wow." Was all that he could say after a small time, his voice still husky from the exchange.

    "What brought that about?" You didn't even want to ask for fear that he would regret it, but you didn't need to worry.

    "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you for a while, and I asked some of my friends for advice." 

    Realizing that he wasn't going to continue the sentence, you felt the need to prod the conversation. "What kind of advice did they give?"

    He seemed to hesitate, toying with the fluff on the blanket as his cheeks grew redder. "Well there were all sorts really. I'm sure some of it was in jest."

    "That really doesn't tell me anything you know."

    He paused again, saying in a very quiet voice, "I think it might be best that way."

    Acknowledging the end to the conversation, you contented yourself to be happy that you were in his arms, warm and cozy under the starlit sky.
[N x Reader] Insertion Point c4
"In text based programs, the insertion point is the point where the next characters typed from the keyboard will appear on the display screen. The insertion point is usually represented by a blinking vertical line. You can reposition the insertion point by pressing arrow keys or by moving the I-beam pointer."

All characters* belong to Pokemon franchise which is owned by Nintendo.
*You belong to yourself, but your actions in the story are created by me [FEAR ME NAO *explosion pun via c4*]

Chapter 1 - Crisis Averted
Chapter 2 - Recovery
Chapter 3 - Flurry
Chapter 4 - Festivals and Forests    <--- You are here
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and violence/gore)

        The girls plus mount drifted towards a clearing near where the huntress had cached her kill. The vulture landed with surprising grace and more than a little sweat as the cat nimbly hopped off, tossing Isuka the 'reins'. Carefully dismounting, Isuka murmured a thank you to him, letting the rope go. Oddly enough, he seemed only to nod in return and stretch while remaining nearby. Shrugging Isuka trotted to the woman's side as they made their way through the thick overgrowth.

        "So... you never told me your name." Isuka muttered, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the silence after all that crying.

        "Oh right. Yeah, I'm Aiko - the best hunter in the greater Iricidae jungle!" This boastful introduction included a 'badass pose' that seemed very practiced.

        "I-I see... well, it's nice to meet you and thank you again for saving me."

        "You're lucky, I normally wouldn't stick my neck out to that extent for someone I don't know, but you caught me on a good day. You see, I nabbed this just before I found you so I was in a great mood." As she said this, Aiko lifted the fronds away from the slaughtered boar, proudly putting her other hand on her hip as she showed off her kill.

        Isuka couldn't help but yelp and jump back as the cat presented her treasure. Going to press her hand against her mouth against the sudden heave of her stomach, she realized that she was covered in the black liquid that had consisted of the vulture-people's blood. Flashes of the kills made by her own hand blitzed before her eyes and her now normal mind couldn't take the thought of having killed things so human-like - she found herself emptying her stomach of the last lunch she and Malakite had shared together and that thought made the pain and heaves even worse.

        Aiko - who was slightly offended by the girl's reaction - nonetheless knelt next to her, moving her hair out of the way so she didn't get any spew in her hair. Letting out a small sigh as the girl's reaction trickled into hysterics, she rolled her eyes and gave her a good slap. Seeing the girl calm down, she returned to her kill, eyeing the travois and vulture-man who was now standing near Isuka, offering  his feathered arm to her.

        "Hey birdbrain, stop bothering her and come here." She impatiently tapped her foot in rhythm with her tail as she waited for the man to follow orders.

        He merely shook his head, returning his attention toward Isuka who had now looked up, wiping her mouth on her arm. Glancing between Aiko and the man, she waved her hands in decllining his assistance and stood on her own shaky feet. With a shrug, the birdman made his leisurely way toward Aiko much to her annoyance. With an expression that screamed 'What do you want?' he stopped next to her, confident wide legged stance and everything.

        Aiko couldn't help but mutter, "Oh my god," before pointing to the beast that was twice their combined size. "You're going to carry that home. Come Isuka, let's go." Turning on her heel, she walked a few paces before glancing back through the corner of her eye to be sure the man had followed orders. He obviously didn't want to, but for some reason he did. Struggling against the rope that acted as handle for the travois, he slowly began making progress.

        "Aiko, that isn't fair. He carried us all the way back and hasn't had any rest yet!" Iskua ran over to the man, his eyes following her as he continued his struggle.

        "Hold on there pipsqueak these things attacked you, nearly killed you, and you're worried about this shit's well being?" Aiko's obvious surprise at Isuka's reaction made Isuka blush.

        "Y-yeah well. I killed enough of them... I mean he's not bad." Isuka grabbed a part of the rope and began pushing, suddenly realizing just how heavy the beast that they were dragging was.

        "Tch, well do what you want. Just don't complain to me when you get tired." Tail tip twitching with her irritation, Aiko strode confidently forward before adjusting her pace a small ways away so she wouldn't end up out of sight.

        Despite her best efforts, the weight of the creature was just too much for Isuka who ended up tripping for the millionth time as the two struggled to drag the corpse through the jungle. Vulture-man who in her mind Isuka had dubbed Slate since she couldn't really get a fix on any of his motivations, merely helped her up and shook his head, returning to the obvious burden of pulling. To be honest, he was nearly as fast by himself as he had been with her help, so with a pout she slowly caught up to Aiko, falling instep beside her.

        As Aiko noticed her she pointed ahead, "Do you hear the woosh of water ahead?" Isuka nodded. "That means we're getting close to my home. It's not much, but I think it's pretty cozy." With a grin she returned to her cheerful demeanor for a moment before becoming suddenly contemplative. "You know, I do a lot of my gutting, cleaning, and tanning near my house. You had a pretty bad reaction to that intact bloke back there, so I'm not sure if you should come to my house. Then again, if I leave you outside you might get attacked again..."

        Isuka glanced nervously to her companion, swollowing the sudden lump in her throat. "Do all the creatures here have people bodies?"

        "People bodies? I'm not exactly certain what you mean. I guess they don't really look like bugs if that's what you mean." Aiko was suddenly confused by trying to figure out what the girl meant.

        Isuka thought, trying to figure a way to explain the difference between 'people' and 'animals' in her planet without being offensive to someone who was as obviously intelligent as Aiko. "I wish I had my backpack, I could kinda draw you what I mean." A small sigh escaped her lips.

        "Well if it's drawing, you could do it in the dirt right?" Snagging a stick from the ground, Aiko handed it to Isuka and stopped their march, looking at her expectantly.

        "Ehh, alright then... uhm, lets see. How do I...?" She trailed off into mumbles as she attempted to draw a human and a cat in the dirt.

        Aiko watched closely trying to decipher the lines as 'Slate' kept trudging along the road beside them, heading in the direction Aiko had indicated the house was. Crude lines and uncooperative dirt turned what had looked in Isuka's head into some weird squigglies that really didn't look much like anything. Stomping on the failed drawing, which drew some snickers from Aiko, Isuka turned to a looser looking patch of dirt and tried again. Another failure and Aiko was howling with laughter as Isuka stomped on the second 'image' like Godzilla in Japan.

        Tearfully turning towards the dirt and blood covered Aiko who was at this point rolling on the ground with laughter, Isuka had an idea. Starting with a big fat circle, she used Aiko's legs as an example of drawing the cat's legs and added some ears and a cheezily drawn cat face, ending up with something like Garfield. Satisfied with that, she began trying to draw a person and ending up with something like a thickly drawin stick figure. Giving up at that point, she poked Aiko in the cheek.

        "Hey, I think I got it... at least it's as good as it's going to get."

        Aiko, still weak from the amount of laughter, rolled up onto her feet and glanced at the doodle. "What the hell?" Circling the drawing, she wore a frown as she tried to comprehend what she was looking at. "Explain."

        Isuka nodded, crouching next to Aiko as she began pointing out features. "On my planet, we have people like me who stand upright, use tools, and think intelligently." Glancing back up at Aiko to be sure she still followed, she continued with the explination. "Other than us 'humans' we have animals on our planet. They aren't quite as intelligent, with a few exceptions none use tools, and don't really stand upright. They also kind of look a lot like the creatures I see here." She glanced back to Aiko who's eye ridges were furrowed, contemplating what she had heard. "Uhm, it seems like the creatures of your planet are kind of a combination of the two, eh, lifestates on my planet. Is there any creatures here that don't walk upright and stuff?"

        "Wait, you're saying that you have these 'animals' on your planet that look like my kind but are stupid and fat?"

        "N-no that's not what I'm saying at all, although there are some..."

        "Right." Aiko's ears were laid back in irritation. "Well I guess I can kinda see what you're getting at. You wanted to know if all our people were people, or if there were stupid animals here too, yes?"

        Isuka bit her lip, as she was sure she had completly alienated her new friend. Nervously she nodded.

        A deep sigh resounded from the fanged mouth. "All the creatures here are people and visa versa. I assume you're saying that you'd be okay seeing these things," She pointed to the cat, "gutted, cleaned, and such easier than something that was more like you, am I right?" Isuka only nodded slightly, her eyes hidden from Aiko's view. Aiko gently placed her paw on the girl's shoulder as she shook her head. "Well I'm sorry to tell you that every non-bug non-plant life on this planet has characteristics of both these things."

        Isuka couldn't help but let out a small whimper as thoughts of humans being dissected by her new friend sprang to mind.

        "Oh come now. All planets can't be the same or life would be hella boring. It's better to get adjusted now while you're not in danger than later when you have to go psycho to save your skin. Speaking of which, I think I should teach you a bit about self-preservation cause that sorry excuse for a technique of yours almost got you killed." Gently patting the frozen girl's shoulder, she pulled Isuka to her feet and began guiding her back towards the place Aiko called home.


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Had an x-ray done today and they found you in my heart. The doctor said that if they took you out, I would die, because I couldn't live with out such a good friend. Give this heart to everyone you don't want to lose in 2012 including me if you care. Try to collect twelve, it is not easy. Be honest and send this to anyone who made you smile this year.
jadestarwolf Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You made my day ;w;
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